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Surge Protection Panama City

Although severe weather isn’t an everyday occurrence, we see our fair share of bad weather on the Florida coast. It’s important to have whole home surge protection in Panama City to ensure your appliances are protected at all times. Not only will our electrical surge protection services keep your appliances protected, but it also keeps your wallet protected from unexpected costs.

All electronics we use these days operate with power. Imagine if a severe storm came through your area and wiped out all your electronics and appliances in a moment’s notice from a power surge. Your television, oven, washer, dryer, computer and refrigerator, or even your cell phone if it was plugged in at the time, would all need to be replaced. That’s a huge chunk of change to spend at one time replacing everything powered by electricity. By investing in our whole home surge protection system, you can ensure your house is protected from power surges.

How Does Surge Protection Work?

A whole-home surge protector is installed at your home’s electrical service box to direct excess electrical current to the ground or block the flow entirely. Although power surges most commonly occur from severe weather, they can go unnoticed at other times. Appliances inside the home can frequently be the cause of surges, according to the NEMA Surge Protection Institute. Large appliances like dryers or HVAC units kicking on can cause a shift in electrical flow, creating a power surge. Below are three signs your home experiences frequent power surges:

  • Flickering Lights: This is a common sign amongst homes with power surge issues. If you notice lights flickering when your HVAC unit or other large appliances turn on, damage is occurring within your home’s electrical system. Each time the large appliance turns on and draws power from your lights, outlets and other appliances, damage can be done.
  • Burnt Outlets: If you notice burn marks around your outlets, immediately unplug anything connected to it – and call one of our licensed electricians. Power surges pushing excess of current to the outlet can cause these marks, meaning you have a fire hazard at hand. Our professionals can check your wiring to ensure its safety and get your home setup with surge protection services.
  • Frequently Tripped Breakers: If you notice your breakers trip when you plug in specific, large appliances, your problem lies within the amount of power that the circuit can handle. But if your breakers trip for no apparent reason, power surges are likely the cause of this.

Our Solution for Power Surges

No one should be left having to spend thousands of dollars on new appliances when an easy, cost-effective solution is obtainable. Our DITEK WH4PLUS whole house surge protection kit not only protects residential areas from power surges but is perfect for commercial surge protection. We value the work we do and customer service, so we offer a 10-year limited warranty and $10,000, a 5-year limited policy with this system. Protect your home and your wallet from the negative effects of power surges, and contact Panama City Electric today for a free estimate.

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